Raleigh Restorations

For you sneaker enthusiasts, Raleigh Restorations are a new product here at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.

Raleigh Restorations by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

We carry three items: Ice Cream Oxidation Remover, which brightens up your yellowed rubber to white; Midsole Magic paint remover, which removes three pairs’ worth of paint from your midsoles with each bottle; and Scratch Resistent Sealer, which seals up all of your hard painting work!

Raleigh Restorations: Ice Cream Oxidation Remover

Ice cream removes yellowing from any rubber.  Whether it’s foamposite soles, Jordan 11 soles, Jordan 5s or Jordan 6s (or any kind of sole!).  It also works on glow in the dark and colored translucent soles!  Whatever the original color of the rubber, Ice Cream will restore it, good as new.  For example: if you have icy blue soles, this product will not remove the blue: it will just remove the yellowing! It’s pretty amazing.

Raleigh Restorations Ice Cream Oxidation Remover-8 oz by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Raleigh Restorations: Midsole Magic

You normally strip midsoles with acetone, or you scrape off the paint, right? It takes forever, and you’re always afraid of damaging the shoe.  With Midsole Magic, you’ll consistently get clean midsoles in minutes, not hours! Each bottle of Midsole Magic contains 2 ounces, which is enough to clean 3 pairs of sneakers.

Raleigh Restorations Midsole Magic Paint Remover-2 oz by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Raleigh Restorations: Scratch Resistant Sealer

Scratch resistant Sealer is a necessity when painting rubber or plastic. Have you ever noticed how that paint comes right off of your sneakers when you barely scuff or scrape them?  Your hard work doesn’t have to go to waste so quickly.  Scratch resistant sealer protects the paint from scuffing off and keeps your customs wearable!  You made them to wear– don’t just keep them in the closet. Enjoy your hard work.
Raleigh Restorations Scratch Resistant Sealer by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
We love these new products, and are proud to carry them at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply! Be sure to check out our full supply of sneaker customization supplies, including a full array of Angelus paints, at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply!