Fashion Fix: Stains on the Go

Stains are a pain.  Whenever I wear something white or cream colored, I end up getting ketchup on it — even if I didn’t have any ketchup to eat (it’s like the ketchup fairies anoint me or something).  So how do you get out stains on the go?  We have a few tricks up our sleeve here at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Stains on the Go by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Stains on the Go: Spotless and Clean Stain Wipes

Spotless and Clean Stain Wipes are great to have in your purse or bag for stains on the go. It’s safe to use on wool and cotton, and smells fantastic!  With Fall approaching, and more wool entering our wardrobes, having these is a must.

Stains On The Go SPOTLESS & CLEAN Stain Remover Wipes by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Stains on the Go: Wine Away Purse Size

Whether you’re touring Napa or just going to your favorite happy hour, having this in your bag will help any sort of wine stains you may dribble (or spill!) on your clothing.  A friend of mine spilled Cabernet on her white couch, and Wine Away saved the day (and saved her several thousand dollars!).

Stains on the go Wine Away - 2oz. Spray Bottle by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Stains on the Go: Kiss Off Stain Remover

This one is a staple of my travel bag. It’s not a liquid (so nothing to spill): just add a little water and it removes grease, lipstick, blood, grass stains, wine, coffee and more!

Stains on the go KISS-OFF Stain Remover by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Stains on the Go: Tide To Go Pen

I have a small collection of these guys stashed around my house: bathroom, closet, even in my desk drawer and car! They are great for pre-treating stains and effectively remove all kinds of stains, from sauces to grass.

Stains on the go Tide To Go Pen by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Stains on the Go: Carbona Stain Devil

Have a specialized stain? Keep an arsenal of Carbona Stain Devils at the ready.  They have formulas that cover nail polish, glue, gum, chocolate, ketchup, mustard, ink, blood, oil — you name it!  If you know you’ll get a stain — say, you know you’ll be out on the grass– pop the right one in your purse (or just keep them all at home and treat when you get back!).

Stains on the go Carbona Stain Devil by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply


What are your favorite stain removers? We have a lot more than just this list at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.