What’s in My Wardrobe Kit?

I wish I had a dollar for every time a customer asked me what they should buy for their wardrobe/stylist kit because I’d likely be able to retire. Of course, after all of those conversations, it dawned on me that it would be good to make a definitive list available. So, I dragged out my own kit and made of tally of what’s inside. Without further ado, here’s what I’d recommend:

What's in Our Wardrobe Kit by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyWhat’s In My Wardrobe Kit?

Lint roller and lint brush – To clear away all those tiny pieces of fuzz, etc. that inevitably find their way onto every garment.
Safety pins Gold, silver, black — every size. Buy them by the ton.
Binder clips – If you have a garment that’s too large, use these (instead of safety pins) to tighten. That way, you’ll still be able to return the item if necessary. (For photo shoots only.)
Tape, tape, and more tape…and lots of double stick tape too -Put tape on the bottoms of shoes to prevent them from getting dirty (so you can return them). Use the double stick version to prevent belts from flapping loose, or to keep ladies from falling out of their dresses.
Micro Tach Gun– Ideal for quick repairs and more. For example, you can line up 10 extras and hem all of their pants in 10 minutes! The smallest tack and smallest needle available.
Fun Tak – Another use for that material you hang posters with: making an actor or model’s finger bigger so a ring won’t fall off and land who knows where, particularly if it’s an expensive one.
Jewelry shine cloth – Good for sun or eyeglasses, too.
Shout wipes – Anything that can possibly stain the actor or model’s clothes inevitably will. And these wipes will help immensely.
Antibacterial wipes – Courtesy wipes for the ladies before they put on a pair of earrings, or for anything that has been handled a bit.
Collar extenders – They increase collar size and are easily hidden by a tie.
Scissors Always versatile and handy. A must-have; I also keep a tiny pair just for stray threads.
Static Guard – Cling is embarrassing, no matter if it refers to a skirt or a person. Static Guard doesn’t work on people, however.
Pre-threaded sewing kit – Who wants to thread needles? No one, that’s who.
Shoehorn, shoe bag, shoeshine kit, shoelaces, insoles – Everything you might need to adjust and take care of shoes.
Tape measure – Sometimes, the clothes actually have to fit. This is how you ensure they do.
Cable ties – Suitcases, bags and other items can stay shut with these.
Pincushion (with pins), thimble – These are preferable to pinning yourself, we assure you.
Bra extender – Just in case that bra doesn’t quite fit.
Underwear– Yes, models and even actors occasionally forget them.  You’ll need these.
Nipple patches – To preserve modesty and smooth lines under clothing.
Makeup cover hood – Put this over the model or actor’s head between wardrobe changes to prevent makeup from smearing all over.
Spritz water bottle– To help with ironing.
Rubber bands – Instead of paper clips, use these to make belts tighter in the back. (For photo shoots only.)
Eyeglass repair kit – Unless you’re going for the stereotypical “geeky” look, you can’t really use tape.
Tie tack – To hold ties in place.
One big trash bag – Trust me – this is preferable to carrying around a number of small ones.
Latex gloves – Once again, trust me – you’ll want to have these just in case.
Ziploc bags – To sort jewelry and accessories (or transport delicious leftovers from craft services).
Sunscreen, Patio Oil – Bring these to an outdoor shoot and you’ll become the best friend of everyone on set.
Utility knifepliers, mini screwdriver – A small toolbox is essential.
Small Krazy Glue bottle – No explanation necessary!
WD-40 – Handy for props, or if the photographer is having trouble with the tripod.
Body Warmers – For those summer shoots in December.

Do you have all of your wardrobe kit essentials? If not, grab what you need at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply!