What to wear underneath? Try Shibue!

Foundation undergarments are so important.  While we generally don’t wear girdles, corsets or bullet bras, it’s still a necessity to have the proper undergarments underneath whatever you’re wearing.  If you’re looking for pieces to keep you looking smooth and prevent see-through mishaps, try Shibue.

Shibue Couture by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Shibue: Nude Scene? No Problem.

Have to do a nude scene?  Shibue can help with this.  They make several items that are great if you want to imply nudity while still protecting your modesty.  These items are also great for delicate gowns with side cutouts or that are just sheer.

For women, Shibue makes Silicone Cover-Ups for nipples (and they’re reusable!).  They also have a Peel and Toss strapless panty, perfect for side views (or side cutouts).  They’re disposable.  They have a reusable version too, which also comes in mocha!

Shibue Silicone Concealers by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyShibue Strapless Panties by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

For men, Shibue makes the Hibue — it’s a strapless thong that comes in both nude and mocha.

Shibue Presents Hibue For Men Strapless Thong by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Shibue: Non-Slip Cami Dress

When I shop at vintage or second-hand shops, I always look for slips: they’re so hard to find and so versatile. Now, I can skip the vintage and buy brand new with Shibue non-slip Cami Dress.  It comes in nude and provides a smooth (but not tight!) line under all kinds of dresses.  Just need to line the top?  Shibue makes just a non-slip cami, as well.

Shibue Non-Slip Cami Dress-Nude by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply  Shibue Couture Non-Slip Cami Tank-Nude by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Shibue: A Little Lift

Need some lift with or without a bra?  Try Shibue Full Silicone Lift-Ups or Round Silicone Lift-Ups.  They can be used inside a bra to add a cup size or a lot of lift! They both feature silicone adhesive, so you can wear it without a bra under that gorgeous, backless dress, as well.

Shibue Full Silicone Lift Ups by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyShibue Couture Round Silicone Lift Ups by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Shibue has something for anyone who needs lift, smoothness, or modesty.  Find Shibue and other products at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply!