Tas Merah Cosmetic Bags

Have you fallen in love with Tas Merah cosmetic bags just as much as we have? If so, then we have great news for you. We’ve recently expanded our selection of cosmetic bags, makeup organizers, soft cases and more!

Tas Merah Cosmetic Bags by MWS Pro Beauty

We love Tas Merah cosmetic bags for their versatility and functionality. Having a convenient way to get to your tools in a hurry is essential on the job. Made of clear plastic, the Tas Merah Zipper Bags make it easy to identify the contents of the bag fast. Plus as an added bonus they fit into Tas Merah makeup organizers and soft cases!

Tas Merah Cosmetic Bags and Zipper Bags by MWS Pro Beauty

We are delighted to carry Tas Merah soft cases. One of our favorites is the Tas Merah Soft Case with Trolley. The 30 plus compartments make this case a perfect tool for makeup professionals. Add in a few zipper bags and you have yourself a dream case that is dynamically organized.

Tas Merah Cosmetic Bags Soft Case by MWS Pro Beauty

We can’t talk about Tas Merah without mentioning their clear Carry Tool Bag. A fan favorite at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, this bag features 4 outside pockets, 6 inside pockets, a carry belt and strong handle. Stock this bag up and you are ready to hit the set!

Tas Merah Cosmetic Bags Carry Tool Bag by MWS Pro Beauty

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply/MWS Pro Beauty will help you find the right cosmetic bags. View their entire selection from Tas Merah to learn what exciting options we have for you!