A Fashionable Way to Save Your Heels

We’ve all cringed at the thought of walking through grass in our favorite heels. Most of us have tried walking on the toes of our shoes until our calves start to ache in a pointless attempt to not sink in the dirt. It’s never worked for me, after a few wobbly steps I feel my heel pierce through the grass and into the dirt. Luckily for me and for you there’s a solution to keep your heels pristine and your walk in heels comfortable.

A Fashionable Way to Save Your Heels with Solemates by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Solemates High Heelers protects your heel while providing a wider surface on the bottom of the heel. There’s no more reason to dread walking on grass when you have these on your heels. The wider surface helps to increase stability and keeps the wearer from sinking into grass while also protecting heels from damage on cobblestone, bricks and subway grates.

A Fashionable Way to Save Your Heels With Solemates By Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

You will be relieved at how much better you feel walking in heels with the Solemates High Heelers. Walk with style and ease no matter how narrow your heel is. Solemates High Heelers come in your choice of Wide, Classic, or Narrow to best fit your heel. The product should fit snug on the end of your heel and never twist.

A Fashionable Way to Save Your Heels with Solemates from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Finally there is a fashionable way to save your soles. Solemates High Heelers can be found at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.