Fashion Week: Men’s

The New York Fashion Week: Men’s just concluded  its second season ever – its debut was only last July. The event showcased the Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 Collections of established brands such as Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and John Varvatos.

New York Fashion Week: Mens 2016 by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

New York Fashion Week: Men’s-Public School

Public School, a brand by designers Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow, came up with a unique catwalk-sidewalk idea. Standers and passer-by’s outside of the venue had front row access to the sidewalk show before the models went inside to the actual runway. The collection was inspired by “The Man who Fell to Earth”, the 1976 science-fiction movie starring David Bowie (the inspiration was prior to his passing, obviously).

Fashion Week: Men's Public School by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

New York Fashion Week: Men’s-Kanye West

Kanye West managed to become the focus of the event on its opening day without even having anything to show. The singer unexpectedly announced that on February 11th (the first day of the upcoming New York Women’s Fashion Week) he will debut his new collection “Yeezy Season 3”. He will also release his new album “Waves” on that day. He disrupted the calendar of the event, thus forcing other designers previously scheduled for that time slot to reschedule their shows, which can be a nightmare.

Fashion Week: Men's Kanye West by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

New York Fashion Week: Men’s -Trends

The street style movement is still very prominent, with focus on the root of it all: shoes. It is known that most guys build their looks from the shoes up. Unique sneakers and Ankle Boots (Chelsea Boots) seemed to be the angle from which designers created their looks. The other huge trend, and by huge I mean literally, was the oversized coats. Nothing else could appeal more to street style photographers than a statement piece in the large form of a coat, allowing designers to be really adventurous with their interpretation of that piece.

Fashion Week: Men's Accessories by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

New York Fashion Week:Men’s is a laid back version of the Women’s Fashion Week, but has proven to be much more than a mere warm-up for the real thing. The event has shown in its short lifespan that it possesses its own charm and appeal. Make sure to follow the event in its third season coming up in July/2016. And do come back here for a preview of New York Women’s Fashion Week on Feb. 10th.