Top 5 Winter Essentials

Now that the temperature has (finally!) dropped to seasonally appropriate levels, we thought we’d compile a list of 5 winter essentials every New Yorker must have. And no matter whether you’re planning to go cross-country skiing, snowmobiling or simply spending the entire season in the city, the right gear and accessories are vital.

Winter Essentials from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Top 5 Winter Essentials – Thermals

When it comes to layering, a pair of high-quality undergarments are paramount. The Hot Chillys Collection provides both warmth and moisture management. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and feature a flat seam construction to avoid bulking and skin abrasions.

Winter Essentials Hot Chillys from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Top 5 Winter Essentials – Body Warmers

Hot Hands heat packs safely provide long-lasting heat to your hands, toes, feet and body. Each pack is shaped accordingly and activated instantaneously. They are ideal for those who plan on remaining outdoors for an extended period.

Winter Essentials Hot Hands from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Top 5 Winter Essentials – Shoe Driers and Insoles

Wetness, dampness and moisture can cause irreparable damage to your winter boots. If you want them to last for many, many seasons invest in a shoe dryer! Peet Go! Portable Shoe Dryer can be used on the go and will ensure your shoes remain dry and odorless. Tacco Polar Fleece Insole warms and cushions your feet with a top layer of pure lamb’s wool. Its high-quality bottom layer, made from latex foam, insulates against cold and dampness.

Winter Essentials Peet Dryer by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply Winter Essentials Tacco Polar Fleece by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Top 5 Winter Essentials – Skin care

Jao Brand offers two solutions to common winter skin ailments: Goe Oil will take care of your dry, cracked skin while LipJao will heal and soothe chapped lips. To keep your body moisturized, we recommend Derma Shield Intense Cream, a non-greasy product that protects, hydrates and nurtures skin. Pro tip: it’s also a great make up remover!

Winter Essentials Goe Oil by MWS Pro Beauty Winter Essentials Lip Jao by MWS Pro Beauty Winter Essentials Derma Intense By MWS Pro Beauty

Top 5 Winter Essentials – Leather care

Leather requires proper care if you want it to last a long time. This versatile material can be maintained with a variety of products such as leather spray, leather dye, cleaner and conditioner, as well as suede protection. One of the most sought after products is Otter Wax Leather Salve Conditioner, which uses 100% natural ingredients for restoring any of your leather goods.

Winter Essentials Otter Was Leather Salve by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

These ideas will surely help you have a more comfortable and enjoyable winter. And you never know – you might even stop pining for summer!