Angelus Leather Care Products

If you’re looking to preserve (or customize) your favorite pair of shoes or a beloved designer bag, you’ll definitely want to turn to Angelus. The high quality brand is practically synonymous with leather care. And with an ever-expanding product line, you’re certain to find the materials you need for your particular project.

Angelus Leather Products by Manhattan Wardrobe


Angelus Leather Products: Brief History

Founded by Greek immigrants over a century ago, Angelus is your typical American success story. The company was a retail pioneer, developing a robust market for shoe wax. Of course, the brand has evolved over the years, becoming a leader in sneaker-related products and leather care goods as well.

We here at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply have been selling Angelus for a decade and our in-house experts are intimately familiar with these products. Here are a few of their favorite items:

 Angelus Leather Care Products: Top Picks

We kick things off with one of their most popular products – the Angelus Leather Paint Collector Edition. These paints have become the go-to product for sneakerheads and with good reason. The collection contains 27 different color choices, all of which directly match specific sneaker lines/brands. Therefore, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need. Even better – these paints are easy to use, allowing anyone to customize their kicks.

Angelus Leather Paint Collector Edition By Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Additionally, we want to highlight Angelus Leather Dye. One of the most heavily pigmented dyes on the market, they fully penetrate leather and form a lasting color that will not peel, crack or wash-off. These dyes are also available in a wide variety of colors – 39 to be exact. And they can be applied effortlessly to shoes, purses or belts.

Angelus Leather Dye by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight Angelus Shoe Wax Polish. Still made using the original formula, the polish contains both beeswax and carnauba oil. Moreover, it expertly cleans, preserves and water-proofs your footwear, leaving your shoes with a radiant shine.

Angelus Shoe Wax Polish by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Be sure to visit our website for a comprehensive list of all of the wonderful Angelus product we carry!