Otter Wax Fabric and Leather Care

Otter Wax allows you to confidently step out with your favorite leather goods. After all, their fabric and leather care products protect, waterproof, shine and revive everything from shoes and bags to furniture and auto interiors. They also keep goods from drying out and losing their flexibility. Even better, the company is firmly committed to environmental values. To that end, all Otter Wax products are made using all-natural, plant-based ingredients. And they’re packaged in recyclable materials.

Otter Wax by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

You’re probably itching to try out some of their items now. Well, here’s a quick peak at the Otter Wax products we stock:

Otter Wax Saddle Soap

We all want our favorite pair of boots or a beloved jacket to last as long as possible. And proper care for precious possessions begins with Saddle Soap. Indeed, dirt, grime, grease and stains of any kind will be gone once you use this must-have leather and suede cleaner. This product is also indispensable for those who have a leather auto interior.

Otter Wax Saddle Soap by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Otter Wax Leather Salve Conditioner

Leather Salve Conditioner restores suppleness and luster while adding a layer of water-resistant protection. Using a blend of all-natural waxes, along with shea butter and flaxseed oil, this deep conditioning treatment protects your leather from future damage, giving your designer bags and shoes a brand-new appearance.

Otter Wax Leather Salve Conditioner by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Otter Wax Leather Oil

This all-natural shine serum nourishes, protects and revitalizes all types of leather. It contains flaxseed oil and vitamin-E and provides deep shine without the harmful chemical fumes typically found in regular shoe polish.

Otter Wax Leather Oil by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Otter Wax Canvas Cleaner

This deeply concentrated castile soap works on both untreated and waxed canvas. And it’s simple to use; all you need is a soft-bristle brush and cool water. The amazing Canvas Cleaner will do all the rest, producing a deep cleaning foam that attacks built-in dirt and grime without damaging your waxed canvas.

Otter Wax Canvas Cleaner by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Otter Wax Heat-Activated Fabric Dressing

This waterproofing wax penetrates deep into fabrics and results in a long-lasting seal that successfully repels water. It works great on jackets, backpacks and canvas shoes.

Otter Wax Fabric Dressing by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Otter Wax Fabric Wax

For a quicker application, we suggest this no-mess water-repellent Fabric Wax. Available in two sizes (Regular Bar and Extra-Large Bar), this heavy-duty fabric wax contains no paraffin, silicone, or other petroleum-based synthetic ingredients. It can be applied directly onto fabrics anywhere, anytime, improving the functionality and utility of virtually any item – from jackets to bags, hats, canvas shoes, backpacks, tents and much more!