Initially used in Hollywood for special effects, Dermaflage has emerged a leading cosmetic tool. It brilliantly fills and conceals recessed areas, leaving scars and imperfections imperceptible. And, of course, it delivers flawless skin in the process.

Dermaflage by MWS Pro Beauty

It typically takes a little trial and error to get the application technique down. Fortunately, this Saturday (April 30th), from 12:30 to 4pm, the folks from Dermaflage will be at MWS ProBeauty for demonstrations (and wine!). The event will include how to cover scars and how to create wounds with Dermaflage Fast FX. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Here are the Dermaflage products we carry at MWS Pro Beauty.

Dermaflage Scar/Acne: Single Tone Kit

Having skin imperfections can make us extremely self-conscious. And that’s where this brilliant product comes into play. A silicone, topical filler, it cosmetically covers your scars and delivers amazing results that last all day. Let’s just say it’s a real-life version of Photoshop! The Scar/Acne Single Tone Kit comes with two applicators and with 12 different tones to choose from. And fear not, it will match your skin perfectly!

Dermaflage Scar And Acne Single Tone Kit by MWS Pro Beauty

Dermaflage: Single Applicator

This is the same formula as above, in a single applicator. You still get the same results: flawless-looking skin!

Dermaflage Single Applicator by MWS Pro Beauty

Dermaflage: Pro Kit

This product has been specifically designed for professionals. Indeed, The Pro Kit offers every single product to match any client’s skin tone.

The kit contains:
• 12 applicators
• 2 primers with brush
• 10 mixing sticks
• 3 texture pads
• 2 bags of 60 mixing tips
• 10 precision application tools

Dermaflage Pro Kit by MWS Pro Beauty

Dermaflage: Fast FX Kit

We at MWS ProBeauty are the only place in NYC you can find the Dermaflage Fast FX Kit. This is a quick solution to create dimensional injuries such as scars, bruises and burn wounds. Moreover, all your creations will have a life-like appearance and will be reusable. Best of all, it cures under 5 minutes and has a long wear time.

Dermaflage FastFX Kit by MWS Pro Beauty

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday and we can’t wait to watch you fall in love with these incredible products!