Movie Paint

Add richness and character to your props and productions with Movie Paint products! Essential tools for special effect technicians, production artists and prop masters, they allow you to realistically dull, age, tarnish or rust any desired area. And since they’re made from translucent formulas, you can easily control the density and effect.

Movie Paint by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Here is a breakdown of each product and their specific use:

Movie Paint: Removable Spray Paint

Available in 12 distinct colors, Removable Spray Paint creates believable effects both on and off camera. Indeed, you can use it to provide photos or documents with an aged, archival quality or make new wood suddenly appear centuries old. These sprays will temporarily paint, distress, dirty, age, or simply add character to almost anything. Fortunately, they easily wash off non-porous surfaces with warm, soapy water.

Movie Paint Removalbe Movie Paint by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Movie Paint: Permanent Age Wax

Quickly age props and give small areas that “years-of-neglect” look with Permanent Age Wax. An amazing product, it’s available in white, black, gray, red rust, brown rust, nicotine and dirt. And although it’s technically permanent, it can sometimes be removed with mineral spirits.

Movie Paint Permanent Age Wax by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Movie Paint: Cobweb Spray

As the name implies, Cobweb Spray creates fantastic, realistic-looking cobwebs for theater, TV and film productions. And it’s easy to use; simply spray (using a sweeping motion) on candle holders, mirrors, furniture or any other piece as needed. Importantly, it can be removed with most adhesive removers.

Movie Paint Permanent Cobweb Spray by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Movie Paint: Chroma Key Spray

This Chroma Key Spray allows you to create an inexpensive Chroma Key area for your production. And, thanks to spot-on color saturation, it will match all Chroma Green fabrics, card stock, paper and roll on paint.

Movie Paint Permanent Spray Paint Chroma Green  by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Give your upcoming production that professional polish and pick up some Movie Paint products today!