NYFW: Men’s Recap

The third annual NYFW: Men’s made a big splash last week, with nearly 50 American designers debuting their Spring/Summer 2017 collections.  It was an impressive 4-day event, with both up-and-coming and established talent showcasing their work.

NYFW: Men's by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Don’t fret if you were unable to attend. Rather, kick back with our recap and get the fashion 4-1-1.

NYFW: Men’s – Trends

Many of the designers at this year’s NYFW embraced diversity wholeheartedly. For starters, there were a range of styles on display – from gender-fluid clothing to classic creations. Perhaps more importantly, designers gave a nod to the fact that they serve a diverse customer base. And, to that end, they hired runway models who hailed from a variety of backgrounds.

NYFW: Men's by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Designers also explored the concept of freedom – be it with how individuals pair items or how they choose to accessorize. Indeed, a handful of designers mixed pieces such as long coats, jackets, blazers, etc. with shorts – combinations often assumed to be incongruous. They also had fun with accessories, forgoing belt loops and simply tying material around the waist and letting it hang. These collections were truly encouraging men to be bold and to be different!

NYFW: Men's by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Finally, many collections veered from popular past trends. For example, distressed denim and elongated shirts were not very prominent this year. Similarly, a handful of designers moved away from the athleisure that is typically so prevalent in spring/summer collections. While the trend hasn’t been abandoned altogether, many shows opted for a more sophisticated or classic approach, with regards to both fabric and construction.

NYFW: Men’s – Highlights

Naturally, there were a number of NYFW highlights! To begin with, LA-based designer John Elliot certainly showed off his adventurous side. Not one to play it safe, Elliot’s water-themed collection featured everything from controversial towel-wraps to a light-pink leather jacket.

NYFW: Men's John Elliot by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Rochambeau’s fascinating collection was inspired by the experimental film The Color of Pomegranates (released in 1969). It was replete with prints that were both daring and striking. The company even explored gender bending by adding a few female models to the mix.

NYFW: Men's Rochambeau by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Private Policy debuted their second-ever collection. An intrepid mix of experimental yet wearable items, audiences were taken with the brand’s modern-looking pieces and bold statements.

NYFW: Men's Privacy Policy by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Additionally, Deveaux offered up clothing inspired by the Greek Islands. And, not surprisingly, their pieces did not disappoint. Indeed, they featured conservative shapes, impressive details and impeccable construction.

NYFW: Men's Deveaux by Manhattan Wardrobe Suppl

Finally, John Varvatos wrapped up the week with his urban-romantic collection. On display were handmade, high-quality garments that were full of earthy tones. The multi-talented Varvatos (who recently founded his own rock label), also hosted a widely coveted post-show party at his Bowery store (the former home of CBGBs). The band Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown brought the house down, closing out NYFW in style.

NYFW: Men's John Varvatos by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

NYFW: Men’s – Products

Although this year’s NYFW: Men’s has come and gone, it’s never too early to start prepping for the next one. And naturally, when the time comes, you’ll want to look your best. Here are a few products that will keep you primed for that front row seat!

Decent Man’s Lint Mitts – These Lint Mitts will leave your clothes looking fresh and fabulous. And since they fit into a coat/jacket pocket, you’ll be good even when you’re on the go!

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Decent Man’s Non-Sewing Kit – No sewing skills?  No problem! This non-sewing kit let’s you easily fix fallen hems, popped buttons, etc.

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Clubman Mustache Wax – One of the best on the market, this mustache wax is long-lasting and easy to apply. Even better, it quickly covers and/or blends gray hairs.

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It’s clear that NYFW: Men’s was a rousing success. And it certainly wet our palette for the upcoming NYFW: Women’s (starting on September 8th). Be sure to check in with the MWS blog for the latest scoops and recaps!