Best Natural Insect Repellents

As an individual who gets eaten up by bugs the minute I step outside, I’m always on the lookout for a good insect repellent. However, I try and steer clear of chemical sprays. After all, we don’t know the effect they have on our skin, our immune systems and on nature itself. Instead, I turn to natural repellents.

Here are a few of the best ones I’ve found in recent years:

Jao Brand Insect Repellents by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Best Natural Insect Repellents: OutScent

When I go camping (or simply spend an extended time outdoors), I make sure I bring Jao Brand OutScent .  It’s all natural, containing only oils, water and alcohol. More specifically, it’s made with essential oils from grapefruit, fir needle, patchouli and other wood oils. So, you’ll have a delightful woodsy scent (as opposed to smelling like bug spray). Importantly, it works similarly to citronella candles; bugs don’t like the scent so they stay far away. Best of all, it comes in a small, purse-sized package so it’s easy to transport. And you can even wear it year-round as a fragrance if you so choose!

Insect Repellents Jao Brand OutScent by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Best Natural Insect Repellents: Patio Oil

Don’t like wearing fragrances?  Not a problem!  Try Jao Brand Patio Oil. This is a lotion that uses eucalyptus oil and lemon oil to repel bugs. Additionally, it’s packed with great ingredients like soy oil, jojoba, hemp, and chamomile which soften and soothe your skin.  There is a slight citrus smell but the bugs are guaranteed to stay far away. Patio Oil is particularly good to use when hiking and gardening and it’s compact size makes it ideal for travel.

Insect Repellents Jao Brand Patio Oil by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Best Natural Insect Repellents: Patio Oil Moisture Mist

You can also keep the bugs at bay with Jao Brand Patio Oil Moisture Mist.  Similar to the products listed above, it uses 20% lemon and eucalyptus oil, which bugs hate.  And it contains zero chemicals or needless fillers. Further, it will leave you smelling a little lemony and a little earthy. More importantly, you’ll be bite-free!

Insect Repellents Jao Brand Patio Oil Moisture Mist by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply