Comic Con 2016

Comic Con, one of pop culture’s biggest events, is making its triumphant return to Gotham! From October 6th-9th, the Javits Center will play host to the latest and greatest in comics, graphic novels, video games, movies, TV and much more.

Comic Con by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Of course, a large part of Comic Con is the cosplay. Indeed, the conference is always chock full of fans who are dressed to impress. If you’re still trying to perfect your look, don’t stress. Instead, stop by MWS and we’ll be happy to help you out! We’ve got all the resources you need to turn your vision into reality.

Comic Con 2016: Cosplays Perfected!


Need to stiffen a garment, sculpt three-dimensional structures or craft accessories? Then you’ll definitely want to pick up some Fosshape. A heat-activated, flexible, non-woven fabric, Fosshape can be dyed, painted, sewn and even cut with scissors. There’s nothing you can’t do! That’s probably why it’s used so often on Broadway, in film and even at theme parks.

Comic Con Fosshape® by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Worbla Thermoplastic

Available in three colors (original, clear and black), Worbla is amazing for creating costume pieces – be it a chest plate, a mask, a helmet or any additional component that requires stiffness. This heatable, moldable substance will really add the finishing touches you need.

Comic Con Worbla Thermoplastic by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply


Wonderflex allows you to create gravity-defying, sculptural elements for your costumes. Though it looks like hard plastic, once heated it becomes pliable and can be molded by hand.

Comic Con Wonderflex® - 43" x 55" Sheet by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Fabric Paints

We carry a wide variety of fabric paints, from metallic and glitter to airbrush and spray paints. Indeed, no matter the color spectrum or palette, we’ll have what you need!

 Comic Con Fabric Paints by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Magix Shoe Spray

Available in 14 popular shades, Magix Shoe Spray is a general purpose spray dye. Though originally designed to be used on shoes, these sprays have been proven ideal for coloring all kinds of leather, vinyl and textiles.

Comic Con Magix Shoe Spray by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Comic Con 2016: Panels and Sneak Peeks

The most challenging aspect of Comic Con is deciding what to see! After all, it always manages to attract a huge slate of notable guests/panelists. Additionally, there are a number of exciting screenings and sneak peeks to check out. While you should definitely review the calendar of events, we figured we’d mention a few conference highlights:

The Walking Dead
The cast of the hit show, along with its executive producer Robert Kirkman, will once again hold a panel at Madison Square Garden. The event is likely to include a preview of the series’ highly anticipated 7th season. Hopefully there won’t be too many spoilers!

Comic Con The Walking Dead by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

X-Traordinary: The LGBT Characters of the X-Men
This panel will focus on the LGBT characters that exist within the world of X-Men. Chris Claremont, who wrote the series for more than a decade, is one of the featured speakers. He’s bound to offer some amazing insight!

Comic Con X-trodinary by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

War for the Planet of the Apes
The third installment of The Planet of the Apes reboot doesn’t even open until July 14th, 2017. Nevertheless, excitement for the upcoming film is palpable. To help build the buzz, 20th Century Fox will be showing an exclusive behind-the-scenes look!

Comic Con War For Planet Of The Apes by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Career Conversation with Andy Serkis
An extraordinarily talented performer, Serkis has been tapped to discuss his groundbreaking work in such films as The Lord of the Rings, King Kong and The Planet of the Apes series. This is one conversation that’s bound to fun and fascinating!

Comic Con Andy Serkis by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

We hope you have a great Comic Con! Don’t forget to share a photo of your creation on our Facebook page and our Twitter handle.