Manhattan Wardrobe Supply: 18 Years!

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, the go-to store for hair, makeup and wardrobe solutions, is turning 18! To celebrate this achievement and to thank our loyal customers, we’ll be hosting an open house on Saturday, October 29th. Swing by any time between 12pm and 6pm. There’ll be exclusive in-store deals, product demonstrations, Halloween makeup applications and even hourly raffles. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply: A Brief History

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply was originally conceived by costumers Tommy Boyer and Cheryl Kilbourne-Kimpton while they were working on the set of You’ve Got Mail. Exhausted from having to run all around the city, the two began to muse about a one-stop shop that would serve all of their needs. They realized there was a dearth in the market and decided that they could be the ones to fill it.

You've Got Mail Shoot by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

MWS eventually opened its doors in 1998.  Initially, it was just a 300-square-foot space consisting of four bookshelves, a computer and a single desk. And, for that first year, both Tommy and Cheryl juggled working in the store and working on set. Now, 18 years later, MWS has grown into a two-floor operation that occupies 9,000 sq. feet. Even better, it has established itself as the most dependable source for film, TV and theatrical productions.

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply: A Winning Team

Though she’s now devoted to her business, Cheryl’s impressive career as a costume and wardrobe supervisor spans nearly 30 years. Indeed, she’s worked on some fabulous films including Fried Green Tomatoes, School of Rock, Spider-Man and Scorsese’s The Age of Innocence.

Cheryl On Sets by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Tommy actually began his professional life as a singer and dancer. He happened to be between shows at one point and was presented with the opportunity to become a costumer on Broadway. He jumped at the chance and a new passion was born. Eventually, he segued from theater to movies. And though he’s reined in his film career to accommodate his responsibilities at MWS, Tommy periodically returns to work as a key member of Richard Gere’s team.

Dye and Sew With Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Importantly, it’s always been essential to Tommy and Cheryl that their staff be educated about the products they sell. And they’ve done an impressive job imparting their knowledge to their employees. After all, you can count on the MWS staff to provide expert info on clothing repair, treatment, construction, seamstress/sewing methods and tips/tricks for latest fashion trends.

Laundry Supplies and Sneaker Gear by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply: MWS Pro Beauty

MWS is also a business that prides itself on listening to its customers. And awhile back, many of those individuals were clamoring for the store to carry a broader range of hair and makeup products. So, in the winter of 2014, Tommy and Cheryl launched MWS Pro Beauty. They recruited their colleague, Academy Award-winning makeup artist Mindy Hall to help manage the project and act as a product and visual consultant. Her expertise was integral in creating a store that would best meet the needs of MWS’ clients.

Pro Beauty by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Similarly to the original store, MWS Pro Beauty offers a one-stop shopping experience for professional makeup and hair artists. It’s also a model of modern design; crisply lit with glistening glass shelves and stainless steel accents. Additionally, Pro Beauty is replete with a three-chair salon that includes areas for hair styling, washing and even a designated makeup chair. And that’s not all! Periodically, the store hosts special events such as makeup demonstrations and wig making classes.

MWS Pro Beauty Salon by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Tommy and Cheryl would like to express their deepest appreciation for the relationships they’ve developed over the years with their incredibly talented clients and peers, individuals who continually make vital contributions to the arts. See you at the Open House!

But before we go, here are a few new products you’ll want to check out while you’re celebrating with us!

Face Lace creates ornate, adhesive designs that can easily be peeled off and applied.

Face Lace by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Create a scary look with the Kryolan Zombie Kit! And don’t worry – it comes replete with a step-by-step guide that explains both product and technique.

Kryolan Zombie Kit by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

And finally, we’ve just added a line of Tiga-D latex prosthetic character noses, chins and ears. Stronger than foam, these professional-level pieces can be used multiple times.

Tiga-D by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply