Worbla: Limitless Possibilities

Tommy and Cheryl are excited for this weekend’s CONstruct event! They’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday with experts to demonstrate the wonders of Worbla, Fosshape and Wonderflex, with products sold exclusively at this event.

Worbla: The Thermoplastic Material with Limitless Possibilities by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

We at MWS know that our customers have big vision, and we offer everything that you need to turn your dreams into a reality. If you want to build something spectacular, between Worbla, Fosshape and Wonderlex. you’ll have the molding supplies to create a masterpiece.

Worbla Kamui Cosplay Diablo III Wizard by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Worbla, Fosshape and Wonderflex are indispensable tools for any costumer to have in their toolbox, allowing for the molding and shaping of three-dimensional projects. Whether you’re creating intricate detail or sturdy costume pieces, these products have you covered, and we’re happy to supply you with whichever meets your needs.

Worbla’s Finest Art

Worbla’s Finest Art is the first and original thermoplastic of the Worbla line. Introduced in 2014, Worbla’s Finest Art has been taking the costume and crafting world by storm. Easy to use, non-toxic, self adhesive with no limit to how many times it is activated, it’s easy to see why Finest Art has quickly become a staple in many workshops.

Worbla's Finest Art By Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Worbla’s TranspArt

For invisible foundations, visors, eyewear and the like, this transparent Thermoplastic is the way to go. You can create a frosted look, and best of all, the scraps are easily re-purposed so you can always put your creativity to work with left overs from previous glory. It’s easy to use- scissors and a heat gun will do the trick.

Worbla's TranspArt by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Worbla’s Black Art

Worbla’s Black Art is smoother and sturdier, and is ideal for creating fine details. After all, the devil IS in the details and can take your costume to the next level. Worbla’s Black Art will allow you to show off your skill and imagination.

Worbla's Black Art by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Worbla’s Mesh Art

Worbla’s Mesh Art features the strength and tear resistance of Wonderflex, but is even cleaner and easier to work with, so you can stay in the flow as you work on your costume, and have confidence that what you create will hold up.

Worbla’s Mesh Art’s versatility makes it an ideal tool to use. It dries quickly, can be sanded and can used with other products. Additional components can be added, and it can be used with effect acrylics and spray paints.

Worbla's Mesh Art by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply


Fosshape offers reinforcement and stiffness for everything from millinery, masks, clothing and props. Fosshape is sold by the yard, so you can purchase it for small details, like creating a stiff collar on a jacket, or grander creations that require fabric “sculptures.” It can be cut and sewn into costumes and is heat activated.  Easy!

Worbla and Fossshape by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Wonder flex

If you’re looking for something tough and flexible, Wonderflex will get the job done. It can be used for masks, props and scenic materials, and is easily painted with a number of gesso, bond0, artisan coatings and paint. It’s also a great tool to reach for in the instance of repairs or modifications. It’s so tough and moldable that it can be used to create virtually any shape and thickness. Having Wonderflex on hand sets you up for success.

Worbla and Wonderflex by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

MSW is here to help you create the costume of your dreams, whether it’s simple or extravagant. Once you start working with these products, you’ll find yourself dreaming even bigger, knowing just how much is possible.

MWS will be at CONstruct this Saturday and Sunday, with all of these products on hand, including custom  sizes of Worbla that are available at the show only. Come say hello and let us know what you’re working on! We look forward to seeing you there!

CONstruct will be held at The Compleat Sculptor which is located at 90 Vandam Street, NYC and is easily accessible by subway, cab, or car.