Fashion Stylist Renate Lindlar: In Memorium

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply remembers Fashion Stylist Renate Lindlar, a great talent, a warm friend and a true loss to us all.

Fashion Stylist Renate Lindlar: In Memorium by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

This year the wardrobe and fashion world lost one of its greats, Fashion Stylist Renate Lindlar. From the minimal to the outlandish, Renate styled a world that was boldly elegant,  creating beauty, wit and wonder.

Renate Lindlar Career

Renate hailed from Germany originally, and followed her star to New York in the 1980’s. She lived and worked in both NYC and Berlin as a stylist for over 30 years, styling the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, W Magazine, Lucky, The New York Times Magazine, and Glamour, as well as working on worldwide advertising campaigns and commercials.

Her balance of vision and organization brought Renate to the top of her field. She had the ability to tell stories through the tiniest details, always expressing whimsy while maintaining great sophistication. She was supremely well travelled, and her work was informed by curiosity and understanding of culture and the wider world outside of design.

Renate brought an indomitable spirit and generosity to all that she did, including teaching at FIT, where she delighted in sharing the wisdom she had gained in her illustrious career with young fashion aspirants. In her own work, she eagerly mentored young people and showed them the ropes of the business with both an encouraging and challenging attitude.

Renate Lindlar Legacy

She was also the founder of RRRentals, a fashion wardrobe rental house that catered to stylists and became an indispensable resource for stylists seeking the kind of well-edited, contemporary offerings that Renate supplied.

Renate Lindlar Friend and Neighbor

Renate was also a great friend. Her professional ethic was an extension of who she was as a person. She had a truly unwavering generosity, often sharing her time and resources without hesitation.

As a neighbor to MWS, Renate began as a customer and quickly struck up a friendship with Cheryl and Tommy, who were always charmed by her good will and great taste. On very short notice, Renate came through as a friend and colleague a few years ago, when MWS hosted a fashion show for Mehron. With very little time to put something fabulous together, Renate opened up the RRRentals closet and, being the master Fashion Stylist that she was,  helped put together a gorgeous show. Her taste was impeccable and her creativity was boundless.

She possessed optimism, sophistication and a relaxed charm that made her a joyful companion to all those who loved her.

She was a beloved force in the industry, neighbor to MWS and a bright spirit. She beautified the world that she lived in and will be greatly missed.