6 Essential Camp Supplies

Sending the kids off to summer camp is exciting, and also a little scary for everyone involved. Being prepared can boost your camp confidence; knowing that your kids have all the essential camp supplies will let you relax knowing that they have what they need for all situations.

6 Essential Camp Supplies by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Essential Camp Supplies: Keeping Track With Labels

You’ve gone out of your way to make sure they’ve got enough underwear, a sweater in case it’s cold, enough t-shirts for the week and maybe a few of their favorite articles of clothing that make them feel good. But once they’re in the mix with everyone else’s stuff, they might be just the same essential supplies as what everyone else brought.

It’s all about the labels!  Use Iron On Laundry Marking Tape for a quick and easy way to make your mark, and Blank Sew In Labels to make sure every piece of underwear is counted.

6 Essential Camp Supplies Dritz Laundry Marking Kit (w/iron on tape) by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply  6 Essential Camp Supplies Blank Sew In Labels by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Essential Camp Supplies: It’s In The Bag

A laundry bag is a sleep away camp must. You won’t be there to pick up after them, but your kids will appreciate that you sent them off with a way to stay organized, even with their dirty laundry. The Roughneck Heavy Weight Laundry Bag can take a tumble in the great outdoors and will withstand being dragged around.

 6 Essential Camp Supplies Roughneck Heavyweight Nylon Laundry Bag by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Essential Camp Supplies: RIT Dye

Time to get color coded! Find out what your kid’s camp colors are and go crazy turning their wardrobe into an expression of allegiance, using only RIT Dye. It’s easy to transform all of those socks and tees into one color; you can even do it in the washer. Best of all, this is inexpensive and saves you the time you’d spend hunting for every purple t-shirt made in your kid’s size. Sew your labels on afterwards if you want the white to pop against the color for easy identification!

 6 Essential Camp Supplies Rit Dye by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Essential Camp Supplies: All Tied Up

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply has colored shoelaces, so you can go the extra distance and make every detail count. These are fun, stylish and practical! Send your kids off with a few extra pair of these. Who knows what mysterious activities your kids might get into that cause shoelaces to break or magically disappear. Having extras on hand means they’ll always be prepared, and that can let them relax and have fun.

6 Essential Camp Supplies Sport Laces by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Essential Camp Supplies: Stain Stick to the Rescue

Grass stains, mud stains, mystery stains… these are all a given when it comes to kids at camp. If your kids are having fun, they’re probably making a mess. Well, summer stains, you’ve met your match. Spray ‘n Wash Stain Stick can take care of just about any mess your kids get into. One or two of these will last the whole summer. Put your kids name on with a sharpie and that will be indelible, but those stains won’t be!

6 Essential Camp Supplies Spray 'N Wash Stain Stick by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Essential Camp Supplies: Bug Spray

Skip those awful chemicals that come in the conventional bug sprays. They smell terrible, and more importantly, they’re toxic. Jao makes a bunch of great insect repellents, but we like Jao Brand Patio Oil Moisture Mist for camp because it’s so easy to use. A quick spray of this stuff will keep your kids smelling good and prevent the nightly torture of itching all over. You’ll definitely want to send your kids off with a good supply of this stuff so their memories of camp are of the friends they made and  the fun they had, not the tears from being eaten alive by bugs!

6 Essential Camp Supplies Jao Brand Patio Oil Moisture Mist by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

We hope your kids have a great time at camp, and that you enjoy a little grown up time knowing that you sent them away with everything they need!