B.O.B. : Body Odor Blockout

Let’s be honest, life can get a tad smelly. Whether you’re a Wardrobe Supervisor working with specialty materials like rubber and resin, a Cosplayer at a convention, or just a busy person running around in the heat, sweat happens. And where there is sweat, there’s usually body odor as well. But worse than sweat on skin, is sweat on clothing fabric. Once it gets in there, the bacteria from sweat accumulates a pretty rank odor that nobody enjoys. B.O.B. is an incredible product that eliminates this problem completely.

 B.O.B. : Miraculous Body Odor Blocker by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

B.O.B. : Easy to Use

It’s so simple it’s baffling! All you have to do is spray B.O.B. onto the malodorous, offending surface and the smell just vanishes. Just like that! And you can use this product on just about any fabric. We’re talking costumes, street clothes, uniforms and props, mascot and theme park costumes, shoes and sneakers, gloves, hats, helmuts, rubber, neoprene, resins, latex, foam, leather and more. You name it- B.O.B. works on it. You can avoid uninviting, bad smells after wearing an item for hours and hours.

B.O.B. : All Natural

You would think that such an effective item is made with some sort of industrial chemicals, but B.O.B. is an all natural formula. It contains no enzymes or alcohol, no masking agents or perfume, is safe for all surfaces and is hypo-allergenic- pH neutral.  In other words, it’s basically magic!

B.O.B.: Testimony

Here’s what a pro has to say about B.O.B.:

“I recently worked on a super hero movie in Louisiana.  There’s really no way to clean specialty items made of rubber and resin. The actors wearing these items would sweat a tremendous amount day after day. The smell was unbearable. None of the items we used before worked. A fellow costumer introduced us to B.O.B. It was unbelievable!!! It neutralized the foul smell of these costumes so well, the actors thought we gave them new suits.  B.O.B. is one of those amazing finds that makes our jobs faster and easier.”

-Cherie “Scout” Reed

Music to a costumers ears!!

Look great, smell great and get on with life!