Holiday Gift Guide

If you haven’t already started shopping for the holidays, now would be a good time to start to get on top of that list. We’ve put together this holiday gift guide for you so that you can get your shopping done and go back to celebrating without watching the clock tick and running out of time. Let’s minimize that holiday stress. We’ve got something for everyone and you may just drool over these items yourself!

Holiday Gift Guide by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Holiday Gift Guide for Makeup Artists

Makeup Artists and die hard enthusiasts alike will light up at the vision of ¬†Kevin Auction’s Beauty Book (3 Makeups Palettes for Contour, Face and Eye). This book is legendary and not only comes with 3 separate palettes, but also step-by-step illustrated instruction cards on how to achieve some of Kevin’s most iconic looks. Fierce!

Kevyn Aucoin Making Faces Beauty Book - Palettes Holiday Gift Guide by MWS Pro Beauty

Nothing brightens up the winter like colorful lips. The Paris Berlin La Palette de Roughe Lip Color Palette gives infinite options. With eight shades and two brushes, these highly pigmented, gorgeous shades can be used alone or blended to create a whole new look. Plus they’re vegan and cruelty free. Win win!Paris Berlin Lip Palettes Holiday Gift Guide by MWS Pro Beauty

Is somebody getting into special effects? Give them the gift of creativity with Titanic FX Prosthetic Gelatin 12 Cube- Body Sample Pack. These reusable, food-grade gelatin nuggets are ideal for mastering technical skills for working with 3D prosthetic media. Designed to mimic the color and texture of human skin, flesh and blood, these little nuggets can go fantastical, precise or gory. They do it all!

Titanic FX Prosthetic Gelatin 12 Cube - Body Sample Pack Holiday Gift Guide by MWS Pro Beauty

Holiday Gift Guide for Hair Dressers

We all know that having what you need on hand and staying organized is key for any designer. That means transporting your tools in a compact, systematic way. The City Lights Heat Resistant Hair Styling Tool Bag is just about perfect. This sleek, black bag has space for blow dryers, irons, brushes and product and  will elevate your status to hair wizard who has the tools to make anything happen!City Lights Hair Styling Bag Holiday Gift Guide by MWS Pro Beauty

Mason Pearson Brushes are the absolute gold standard of brushes. This English company has been offering their expertly crafted goods since the 1880’s. Their brushes have been called “the Ferrari of brushes.” Need we say more??

Mason Pearson Brushes Holiday Gift Guide by MWS Pro Beauty

Holiday Gift Guide for Cosplayers

MWS was very excited to establish our Cosplay Corner this year and we’ve got lots of great gifts on hand for the Cosplayer in your life.

Spark some inspiration with The Costume Making Guide with Svetlana Quindt aka Kamui Cosplay. This book offers plenty of ideas and includes over 30 step-by-step instructions on techniques that will allow Cosplayers to bring their dreams to life. After all, Cosplay is all about learning how to do it yourself!

Cosplay Books Holiday Gift Guide by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Worbla is the premiere material coveted by Cosplayers. This incredibly versatile product can do just about anything and takes costume making to a next level of joy and creativity. It comes in four sizes ranging from just enough to super ambitious.

Worbla Holiday Gift Guide by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

The Wagner HD3500 Digital Heat Gun is to tools what Worbla is to materials. It’s an essential. This powerful, ergonomic heat gun is easy to use and makes getting through any job much easier.

Heat Gun Holiday Gift Guide by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Holiday Gift Guide for Sneaker Lovers

Any real sneaker lover wants to keep those kicks clean! The Crep Protect Ultimate Protect Kit will give them everything they need to lovingly dote on their favorite pair… or huge collection. This comprehensive kit comes with a protective spray, cleaning solution, a cleaning brush, a microfiber cloth and 6 travel six protect wipes for emergencies. You never know what you’ll encounter at foot level!

Crep Ultimate Shoe Care Kit Holiday Gift Guide by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Or maybe your shoe fanatic prefers the Reshoevn8r Shoe Detailing Kit. This kit can successfully clean pretty much any material and comes with advanced shoe cleaner/conditioner, an all purpose brush, a delicate brush for suede and a sole brush. Cleaning is a delicate art.

Reshoevn8r Shoe Detailing Kit Holiday Gift Guide by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

For the sneaker artiste in your life, look no further than Angelus AcrylicLeather Paint Starter Kit. This kit contains 12 professionally chosen colors that will get experts and novices alike, um, up and running fast.

Angelus Leather Paint Starter Kit Holiday Gift Guide by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Come by and say hi, because let’s face it, MWS is a treasure trove of holiday goodies! We’d love to help make your loved ones happy this holiday season!