2019 New York Fashion Week: Barbara Berman

It’s finally New York Fashion Week Winter 2019!  Stylists, are you prepared? If you’re not, rest assured: we have everything you need here at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, including the Barbara Berman Stylist Kit.

2019 New York Fashion Week: Barbara Berman by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

What’s the Barbara Berman Stylist Kit? Everything you need in one convenient bag. You don’t need to think about it — just grab one and go!

New York Fashion Week: Who is Barbara Berman?

Barbara Berman is an instructor at FIT. She coordinates and supplies dressers for the fashion shows during New York Fashion Week. She also dresses the entire Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! She came to us and said that she needed all of her students to have a basic kit, wondering if we’d put one together for her.  We did, and we found it so popular that we now sell it year-round.

New York Fashion Week: What’s in the Barbara Berman Kit?

Here are the contents of the kit.  They’re essential to any dresser, whether backstage on Broadway or during Fashion Week.Barbara Berman Styling Kit by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

These are all so essential backstage– the apron keeps everything handy, Topstick protects modesty or fixes a hem quickly.  Lint rollers keep everything looking perfect, and white gloves keep delicate fabrics and accessories from getting dirty.  A bite lite keeps your flashlight hands-free when you’re in the dark backstage, and pre-threaded needles allow you to make small fixes without struggling to thread a needle in the dark (which is tricky even with a bite lite!).  Thread clippers work on loose threads and sewing, and what can’t black safety pins do?

Good luck with Fashion Week– don’t forget that Manhattan Wardrobe Supply is here for everything you need for this big, busy week!