Hair & Makeup Essentials: Fashion Week 2019

Fashion Week is upon us and the city is starting to flood with beautiful models. Here at MWS we’re ready with all of your hair & makeup essentials, helping you to enhance all that natural beauty with the best products for the job. Let the transformations begin!

Hair & Makeup Essentials Fashion Week 2019 by MWS Pro Beauty


Hair & Makeup Essentials: Makeup

One of the most essential must haves has to be a top notch setting powder, and Kett Sett Powder Compact is the absolute best. This ultra-translucent, color-adaptable powder can be used on any skin tone and goes on without a trace. Clean looks in-person will stand up to lights and digital captures, making your creations just as appealing post-paparazzi as we know they will be in person.

Hair & Makeup Essentials Kett Sett Powder Compact by MWS Pro Beauty

For all those beauties with sensitive skin, and for quick changes without the nuisance of allergic reactions, reach for Bioderma Sensibio H2O. This non-rinse makeup remover is formulated for intolerant skin and works like a charm. It removes makeup from face and eyes, and also soothes irritated skin. Which, let’s face it, is a likelihood during a week of heavy makeup. Alcohol, paraben and fragrance free.

 Hair & Makeup Essentials Bioderma Sensibio H2O by MWS Pro Beauty

Hair & Makeup Essentials: Hair

For serious sculpting tools, nothing beats Brilliantine. Bumble and Bumble have given us a product that makes artistry possible. Whether you’re looking to create a sexy tousled look, or a more delineated and sculpted look, Brilliantine takes hair where your imagination wants it to go.

Hair & Makeup Essentials Bumble and bumble Brilliantine 2 fl oz by MWS Pro Beauty

And, of course, keep it all in place with the best Holding Spray you can get your hands on. This spray keeps hair locked where it needs to be to sustain looks that are “natural” or outlandish, on the runway and for posterity. Bumble and Bumble has provided a great one-two punch!

Hair & Makeup Essentials Bumble and bumble Holding Spray by MWS Pro Beauty

We like everything to be all in one place, and the Soft N Style 200 pc Hair Accessory Kit delivers what we need. We’re talking all the basics here- assorted bobby pins, hair nets, hair pins, duck bill clips and elastics. Rather than gathering from a million different sources, reach into one kit for whatever problem needs solving. Less clutter, more possibilities. “Marie Kondo” your kit!

Hair & Makeup Essentials Soft N Style Hair Accessory Kit by MWS Pro Beauty

MWS can’t wait to see what you all create for the runway this February. Let us know how we can help and let’s get those beautiful people glowing!