2019 Oscar Nominations for Costume Design

Award season is always an exciting time for show biz folks, and no show tops the Oscars; they’re the gold standard for glamour, achievement and (sometimes!) controversy. Let’s take a look at the 2019 Oscar Nominations for Costume Design.

2019 Oscar Nominations Announced The Oscars 2019 by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply


2019 Oscar Nominations for Costume Design

While the nominations for best director are still dragging in the past with all male nominees (hello it’s 2019!),  Costume design is traditionally a field where women have had the opportunity to excel, and this year is no different. The 2019 Oscar Nominations for Costume Design are all women in this category.

2019 Oscar Nominations Announced Sandy Powell Mary Poppins Returns by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Sandy Powell has two chances of winning this year, once for The Favourite, and again for  Mary Poppins Returns. Both English period pieces, they couldn’t be more different in the worlds that they create, highlighting Sandy’s versatility and imagination. In The Favourite, she helped to create a world of excess and vanity, where men and women alike obsess over image and announcing status through fashion. Mary Poppins Returns is, of course, a Disney fantasy that pops with vivid color and fanciful imagination, making the world appealing, warm and safe. A fascinating contrast that speaks to Sandy’s masterful skills!

2019 Oscar Nominations Announced Ruth E Carter Black Panther by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Ruth E. Carter is nominated for Black Panther, in which she has created a fictional African country, Wakanda. Carter extensively researched Marvel Comics for the film, but drew inspiration from ancient Africa, imagining how that culture may have remained intact had it not been colonized, and included more contemporary influences like Afropunk and Afrofuturism. The result is a world that is vibrant, powerful and revoltionary. This is Ruth’s third nomination.

2019 Oscar Nominations Announced Mary Zophres The Battle of Buster Scruggs by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Mary Zophres is nominated for The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, the latest Cohen Brothers offering. Mary took the challenge of creating a classic western world, but with more quirky details and distinct looks in order to heighten the world. The world is dusty and dank, and the characters feel simultaneously real and cartoonish. Subtle yet bold choices push the look of the characters into unique territory. This is Mary’s third nomination.

2019 Oscar Nominations Announced Alexandra Byrne Mary Queen of Scotts by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Finally, Alexandra Byre is nominated for Mary Queen of Scots. This is a perennial favorite story, so requires re-imagining a world that has been revisited many times. This is a world of both conformity and one-upmanship, and Alexandra used subtle color palettes and highly strict forms to indicate power, ambition and strength, allowing the costumes to fluctuate as the characters make advancements and blunders. Alexandra won a previous Oscar for Elizabeth in 2008… so she and the royals have had good luck together!

Who are you betting on in the 2019 Oscars? Who do you think was passed over? Win or lose, it’s always a fun night, and MWS congratulates all of the amazing designers nominated this year!