What’s In My On Set Wardrobe Kit

I wish I had a dollar for every time a customer asked me what they should buy for their wardrobe kit because I’d likely be able to retire. Recently, while exhibiting at the 2019 USITT Conference, I was asked to speak on Local 764’s panel about wardrobe kits, so I dragged out my own kit and made a tally of what’s inside. Without further ado, here is what’s in my on set wardrobe kit.

What's in Our Wardrobe Kit by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyWhat’s In My On Set Wardrobe Kit-Cleaning

Lint roller and lint brush – To clear away all those tiny pieces of fuzz, etc. that inevitably find their way onto every garment.

Spot cleaning Wipes – Anything that can possibly stain the actor’s clothes inevitably will and these wipes will help immensely. The alcohol based ones dry in seconds and sometimes every second counts.

Janie Stick-This is a great product for absorbing oily stains and it only takes about 3 minutes, then you brush it away which makes it a great spot remover on set.

Alcohol wipes – Courtesy wipes for the ladies before they put on a pair of earrings, or for anything that has been handled a bit.

Travel Wet Ones– I like the “green” one as it is unscented and contains Witch Hazel which our grandmothers used as a stain cleaner, so this product can double as a spot remover and a cleansing wipe for sensitive skin.

What’s In My On Set Wardrobe Kit-Repair

Safety pins- Gold, silver, black – every size. Buy them by the ton.

Scissors- I keep a small pair in my bag to cut  stray threads.

Seam ripper– Just in case you forgot to open the pocket of a new suit or coat among other uses.

Pre-threaded sewing kit – Who wants to thread a needle in an emergency?  No one, that’s who. I also like the Dome threaded needle holder because I like to load up my needles with Silamide thread.

Assortment of Hooks, Eyes and Snaps-This little kit has everything that you need for a Quick Repair.

Micro Stitch Gun– Ideal for quick repairs and more. For example, you can line up 10 extras and hem all of their pants in 10 minutes! The smallest tack and smallest needle available.

Utility knifepliers, mini screwdriver – A small toolbox is essential.

Small Krazy Glue tubes – No explanation necessary! I like the singles because you use them up before they have a chance to dry out.

What’s In My On Set Wardrobe Kit-Looking Good

Gaffer Tape and Double Stick Tape- Use the double stick version to prevent belts from flapping loose, or to keep ladies from falling out of their dresses. Also great to keep scarves in place and prevent a shirt or blouse from gaping. I keep a small self-made roll of black gaffers tape to cover logos etc. on background artists.

Collar extenders, Collar Stays  – Collar extenders increase collar size and are easily hidden by a tie. Collar stays keep the collar from curling.

Fun Tak – Another use for that material you hang posters with: making an actor or model’s finger bigger so a ring won’t fall off and land who knows where, particularly if it’s an expensive one. You can also use ring guard solution for this, but it has to dry first.

Static Guard – A clinging garment is uncomfortable and a distraction. Never spray near a movie light or you might create your own special effect.

Nipple Covers – To preserve modesty and smooth lines under clothing. I prefer the silicone ones by Shibue because they are matte and come in 4 colors!

Makeup cover hood – Put this over the actor’s head between wardrobe changes to prevent makeup from smearing all over.

Portable Steamer– Check out this scenario- Actor is wearing linen and you are getting ready to shoot after an hour lighting set up and the actor has been sitting this whole time. In the next shot the actor is walking away from camera and during rehearsal you notice, as does everyone else on the crew, that the skirt is a wrinkled mess! Need I say more?

Small Blow DryerA sudden shower, a wayward water bottle or any number of calamities, call for quick drying.

The Tie Thing– To hold ties in place. This works better than Topstick as it allows the tie to move a bit naturally and not look nailed down.

What’s In My On Set Wardrobe Kit-Shoe and Foot

Shoehorn, shoeshine kit, shoelaces, insoles, quick shine sponge– Everything you might need to adjust and take care of shoes on the fly.

Blister Pads and Bandaids-A must have for actor’s sore feet or let’s face it, your own.

What’s In My On Set Wardrobe Kit-Effects

White cotton gloves and small makeup aging paletteMy go to for a super quick way to make an actor’s clothes dirty on the fly.

Spritz water bottle – You never know when the director will suddenly decide that the actor needs to be sweaty or wet.

What’s In My On Set Wardrobe Kit-Essentials

Body Warmers – For those summer shoots in December.

One big trash bag – No, I am not going around set picking up trash, but this is a great item to have around to protect your on set kit and chair from a sudden monsoon or dust storm.

Ziploc bags – To sort jewelry and accessories (or transport delicious snacks from craft service).

Sunscreen, Patio Oil – Bring these to an outdoor shoot and you’ll become the best friend of everyone on set.

Do you have all of your wardrobe kit essentials? If not, get everything you need at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply!