A White Walker Brought Back To Life

A White Walker Brought to Life by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

As an actor, I can spend countless hours on research, memorization and rehearsal; however, my character is never fully developed until the makeup, hair and wardrobe professionals work their magic. I had the pleasure of sitting in a makeup chair for several hours recently, while some truly talented artists worked their magic to bring my character from A Game Of Thrones back to life. You will be amazed by the transformation.

A White Walker Brought Back To Life: Skin Prep

Kryolan Pro Shield Barrier Foam creates a protective barrier between skin and extreme makeup materials such as adhesives and prosthetics. Before you begin a project, massage Pro Shield onto the skin. This product contains skin soothing ingredients, such as Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Aloe Vera to protect sensitive skin.

A White Walker Brought Back To Life: 3D Effect

Dermaflage Fast FX Kit- allows you to create dimensional injuries and small prosthetic appliances quickly. More realistic than foam latex, it comes with life-like tones.  Importantly, no heating, tinting or primer is required. And, finally, it cures in under 5 minutes and has a long wear time.

A White Walker Brought Back To Life: Eyes

Ben Nye White Eyeliner-New from Ben Nye! Have full control of the look you’re going for with this easy-to-use felt-tipped brush! “Flick” on a cat eye with ease or subtly dash the lash line with dots for natural definition. Water-resistant with a contoured handle for easy gripping.

Funky Vision Contacts-Chucky Blue was used for my White Walker but they come in dozens of cool styles and colors. They are very easy to put in.

A White Walker Brought Back To Life: Color, Tone, Shading

EBA Encore Slim Alcohol Palette SFX Prime Edition- European Body Art’s alcohol palettes excel in durability, rich pigmentation and professional, realistic results. This palette contains 5 different prime colors, stipple sponge, brush, and Fuel activator.

Ben Nye Magicake Aqua Color Palette Creature – This palette contains 12 powder-based, rich vibrant colors that dry to a matte finish. A few drops of water mixed into the cakes with a brush or sponge creates rich, creamy colors to create virtually any look. Magicake Aqua Color paints layer extremely well.

Viseart Cool Mattes –   These cool matte eyeshadows are ideal when you need to highlight, shade or define eyes. The colors included allow you to easily enhance natural tones and add subdued dimension. The eyeshadows are made from highly micronized pigments, so they  provide a smooth, even application.

A White Walker Brought Back To Life: Tools

Titanic FX Pro-FX Brushes– the first group of brushes designed specifically for use in the application of SFX / prosthetic makeup. These handmade synthetic brushes are constructed with a unique, custom made adhesive designed to withstand solvents which makes them ideal for application, coloring and removal of prosthetics. They are made with ethically sourced, synthetic, vegan bristles.