Local 764 I.A.T.S.E. Celebrates 100 Years

Congratulations to The Theatrical Wardrobe Union Local 764 I.A.T.S.E. as it celebrates 100 years of solidarity. Proclamations from Mayor Bill DiBlasio made it official, declaring June 23rd “TWU Local 764 Day.”

Local 764 I.A.T.S.E. Celebrates 100 Years by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Image by Barrett Hong


Local 764 which has over 1,600 members, celebrated their 100th anniversary in style with a glamorous party at the  Manhattan Club. The event featured multiple floors, music, dancing, great food, and drink. The union members including MWS’s co-owners Cheryl Kilbourne-Kimpton and Tommy Boyer had a wonderful evening getting reacquainted with old friends and sharing funny memories of the union’s storied history.

Research by Local 764’s History Committee found the union was granted a charter by the American Federation of Labor to the Theatrical Wardrobe Attendants Union on July 22, 1919.  On September 28, 1919, the union had a meeting to rally wardrobe workers to come together in solidarity.  The purpose was “to benefit the conditions of Men and Women workers of the Theatrical Trades and help better their conditions.”

The Union’s first contract on record was with The Metropolitan Opera in 1929. The two-page contract letterhead lists an all-female board for the Theatrical Wardrobe Union. Always ahead of their time!

Throughout their 100 year history, Local 764 members have shown pride in their work.  The union is committed to equality of opportunity and rights for all workers. Eliminating discrimination and oppression has helped form solidarity between those who do the work.

Congratulations and thank you to local 764 for all you do. We wish you another strong, solid and successful 100 years!