Don’t Sweat It

Don't Sweat It by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Summer in the city is all about, well…sweating and it has been a sweltering summer so far. But don’t sweat it,  we have all of the coolest things you’ll need to keep from sweating for the rest of the summer.

Don’t Sweat It: Skin

Sea Breeze:

Don't Sweat It Sea Breeze Deep Clean Astringent by MWS Pro Beauty

We aren’t talking about the breeze at Coney Island or the summer cocktail on the boardwalk. This Sea Breeze is the good old fashion astringent that has countless uses so you don’t sweat it. Just put a little Sea Breeze on a cotton ball and wipe on skin, you’ll experience a cool sensation while you are cleaning off excess oils.

Keep your Sea Breeze in the refrigerator for an extra cool down.  Also use Sea Breeze to clean the oil and germs off of your phones and ear phones. Sea Breeze is great for before and after sports, beach, makeup or anytime you need a quick easy way to cool off that also helps unclog pores, prevents breakouts and leaves your skin dry and healthy.

Skin Prep:

Don't Sweat It Mehron Skin Prep Pro by MWS Pro Beauty

Mehron Skin Prep Pro is a clear fragrance free liquid safe for all skin types. Massage on skin before makeup and Skin Prep Pro will create a moisture barrier. It helps prevent sweat on men and women and will leave your skin looking flawless throughout the day despite the hot summer temps.

Don’t Sweat It: Body

Wet Ones:

Don't Sweat It Wet Ones by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Our Wet Ones Sensitive Skin Moist Wipes are enriched with soothing cucumber extract, conditioning chamomile, and a moisturizing complex, containing aloe and Vitamin E.  These wipes help maintain skins natural moisture balance, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.

Try the Fresh Scent Wet Ones with lanolin and aloe to cleanse away bacteria, leaving your skin sweat free and smelling clean. Be sure to keep a travel pack in your purse or bag. Wet Ones are indispensable in the summer heat.

Baby Powder:

Don't Sweat It Johnson & Johnson Cornstarch Baby Powder by MWS Pro Beauty

We have regular baby powder and baby powder with cornstarch. Even on adults a sprinke of baby powder soothes, absorbs moisture, prevents chafing and just makes you feel cool and comfortable.

Underarm Shields:

Don't Sweat It Underarm Shields by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

These are a summer must have! We sell several different types of underarm shields for both men and women. From disposable to sew-in and 3 colors to choose from, underarm shields prevent wet through staining, odors and protect fabrics.

Don’t Sweat It: Odor

B.O.B. Odor Eliminator

Don't Sweat It B.O.B. Odor Eliminator by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

This product is magic! B.O.B. is a powerful odor eliminator that neutralises foul odors fast and safe from clothing and surfaces. It contains no man-made chemicals, enzymes, alcohol or perfumes. It is hypoallergenic and PH neutral.

B.O.B. has been tested for use on: Costumes, Uniforms and Props. Mascot and Theme Park Costumes. Shoes, Sneakers, Footwear. Street Clothing, Gloves, Socks. Hats, Caps, Helmets, Headwear. Body Armor, Vests, Backpacks. Props of all types – Rubber, Neoprene, Resins, Latex, Foam, Leather & more.

Don’t Sweat It: Laundry

Raise Armpit Stain Remover:

Don't Sweat It Raise Armpit Stain Remover by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
So maybe you didn’t get those underarm shields and your favorite shirt has some wicked underarm stains, we’ve got a solution. The propietary ingredients in Raise have been formulated to remove those yellow underarm stains and even ring around the collar without damaging clothing.

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute even stated they were “genuinely impressed with RAISE’s performance – even on old set-in stains.”


Don't Sweat It DEO-GO by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Since we always have lots of choices for you, Deo-Go is another wonderful product to get deodorant and sweat stains out of your clothes. Everything you need to give your summer clothes a new lease on life.

We still have a lot of summer left to enjoy and sweat, so stop by the store, place your order on our new website or give us a call. We don’t want you to sweat it!