Menaji Men’s Skincare Made Simple

Menaji has been making men’s skincare products since 2000. It is made in America and designed to be simple, easy and powerful to meet the unique needs of men’s skin.

Menaji Men's Skincare by MWS Pro Beauty

We recently sat down and talked with Menaji President Pamela S. Viglielmo who tells us that “the Menaji line was designed by a makeup artist and is the first product line to be specifically formulated and packaged for men.

 Menaji Men’s Skincare: Key Features

The Menaji line starts with quality natural ingredients. The products are multifunctional to make them as simple to use as possible. Menaji ensures that every application provides powerful, reliable results.

Menaji Men’s Skincare: Regimen

The single best thing you can do for your skin is cleansing. Menaji Face and Body Scrub exfoliates, cleans and renews your skin. The formula is a natural and unique blend of certified organic lime peel oil, jojoba, ginseng, kelp, azulene, and aloe.  For extra cleansing try the Menaji Deep Cleansing Mask.

Menaji Men's Skincare Face & Body Scrub by MWS Pro BeautyMenaji Men's Skincare Deep Cleansing Masque by MWS Pro Beauty

Next, apply moisturizer. Menaji Power Hydrator Plus is the first SPF30 tinted moisturizer for men. Simple to use, it offers sunscreen, moisturizer and comes in three matching skin tone shades. Also, try the Menaji 911 Eye Gel which boosts the elasticity of your skin while diminishing puffiness. And don’t forget the Menaji Lip Balm Agent. It protects, soothes and nourishes your lips without wax ingredients.

Menaji Men's Skincare Power Hydrator Plus Tinted Moisturizer by MWS Pro BeautyMenaji Men's Skincare 911 Eye Gel by MWS Pro BeautyMenaji Men's Skincare Lip Agent Lip Balm SPF15 by MWS Pro Beauty

Finally, cover imperfections:  Menaji’s Camo Concealer is the first concealer designed for men. Its unique design will withstand the higher oil production of men. Use it to cover blemishes, breakouts, dark circles under eyes, redness and ingrown hairs. The Menaji HDPV Anti-Shine is designed for Pros but can be used by everyone. You’ll love how it smooths your skin’s surface and covers blemishes and uneven skin tone It will also remove oily shine and is undetectable on the skin.

Menaji Men's Skincare CAMO Concealer by MWS Pro BeautyMenaji Men's Skincare HDPV Anti-Shine Powder by MWS Pro Beauty

The Complete Menaji Line

Top celebrity make-up artists have been using Menaji to ensure their male clients look and feel their very best; now, it is available to everyone.  Menaji products work fast to deliver professional-looking results with no downtime. Come into MWS and test the wonderful Menaji products. Our makeup artists and staff can help you pick out the products that are right for you.

The Complete Menaji Men's Skincare line by MWS Pro Beauty