Menaji Gifts For Men

I always have a really hard time buying gifts for the men in my life. The women are never a problem because I usually buy something I’d love to have and then buy it for a gift and myself. Yes, holiday shopping was a real problem until now. Introducing Menaji gifts for the men on your Christmas list.

Menaji Gifts For Men by MWS Pro Beauty

Menaji is the first men’s product line that addresses the unique needs of men’s skin and it’s made in the U.S. They have come up with the perfect holiday gift for the men in your life: Menaji’s “On The Road Kit.” Exclusive to MWS.

Menaji- Great Gifts For Men: The Kit

Menaji’s “On The Road Kit” includes fool-proof basics for men’s makeup and skincare.  The products will be customized in their individual shade and skin type by one of our professional makeup artists.

The kit includes:  HDPV Anti-Shine Powder

                               Kabuki Brush

                               Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator

                               CAMO Concealer

                               Lip Agent

All of these essentials for men’s skincare are packaged in a travel-friendly, water, and stain-resistant nylon Jamie bag. This kit is the perfect size for a man on the go.

The Menaji “On The Road Kit” is the ideal gift for actors, models, dancers, musicians, comedians, athletes, and broadcasters. Basically, it’s perfect for anyone with a highly visible profile or any man that just wants to look great.

Menaji Gifts For Men by MWS Pro Beauty


Stop into MWS  and our makeup artists will be happy to demonstrate the Menaji line.  Menaji also has a great moisturizer with SPF: Power Hydrator Plus, an aftershave, scrub and more. You can buy any of the products individually too.

Our MWS staff and our friends at Menaji are hoping to make your gift-giving a lot easier and special this holiday season.

Menaji Gifts For Men by MWS Pro Beauty