MWS Employee’s Favorite Products

We have lots of wonderful employees here at MWS. Many of which you have probably never met, but work behind the scenes to keep products coming in and out.  I thought it would be interesting to ask each of them what their favorite products are. Their answers may give you some great gift ideas. Here is a list of MWS employee favorite products.

MWS Employee Favorite Products

MWS Employee Favorite Products: Customer Service

CAROLYN Carolyn is our anchor, the glue, the calm and funny woman at the cash register on the 8th floor who is often singing beautifully. She efficiently answers your calls, takes your orders and is pretty hard to rattle, no matter how hard you try. We would be lost without Carolyn.

Janie On The Spot Dry Chalk Stick Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Janie On The Spot Dry Chalk Stick Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Carolyn’s favorite product is (she picked two) Janie On The Spot One of the best all-around stain removers ever.

Super Stick It This double-stick tape not only sticks apparel to the skin but apparel to apparel and even bonds other surfaces. Great product!

MEL –Mel is kind and funny and has a great sense of humor and a mischievous streak, although he is very stealth about it. He is a very hard worker and he always answers the phone so sweetly. He was born and raised in Saipan.

Jao Brand Goe Oil Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyTacco Full Leather w/Charcoal Cushion Bottom Insole Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Mel’s favorite product is Jao Brand Goe Oil. According to the company, it is ” an intricate combination of 28 plants, fruit and flower oils, and butter for hands, hair, body, and soul!” Mel says it makes his skin feel wonderful.

Mel also chose Tacco Full Leather With Charcoal Cushion Insoles. They not only provide great cushioning but prevent foot odor as well. Mel spends a lot of hours on his feet at MWS and they keep his feet from hurting and smelling bad too apparently.

MWS Employee Favorite Products: Shipping/Receiving

JAEL Jael is head of the shipping department and she became an American Citizen this year. We are very proud of Jael and featured her in a blog

Jael’s favorite thing is talking so it’s amazing she actually came up with a product. She also picked two.

MWS Ultra Deluxe Non-Latex Makeup Sponge-Block of 8 Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplySterilite Storage Box Our MWS Employee Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Jael loves the MWS Makeup sponges. They are wonderful. Latex-free and water-based so they don’t soak up your foundation.

 Storage Containers. We carry many different brands, shapes, and sizes. Handy for everything from clothes to thread.

JOSE –Jose pulls, packs and often brings your orders down to your car for you. He also doubles in receiving so he is very busy at work. Jose is a new Dad. His first child, a boy was born earlier this year. Jose is exhausted. He picked two products.

Reshoevn8r Advanced Sneaker Solution w/ Brush Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyDreft Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Jose’s favorite product is the Reshoevn8r Sneaker Solution. He told me “it really works and gets my sneakers so clean.”

Jose also loves Dreft, which I thought was so sweet because he obviously does laundry for his new baby. It’s a great laundry detergent even for adults especially if you have allergies or sensitivity.

JONATHAN -Jonathan also pulls, packs and brings your orders to your car. He loves his homeland “The Bronx” and has a lot to say about that Bronx staircase in the “Joker”. I was a little surprised by Jonathan’s product choice. He has gorgeous long hair that is generally man bunned. I thought for sure he’d pick a hair product.

Reshoevn8r Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Jonathan’s favorite product is also Reshoevn8r ( he likes all the products. What are you waiting for? This stuff must be good!)

KELVIN-Kelvin is our receiving guy. He gets all of our products off the trucks. He obviously works out because on a daily basis he lifts product that weighs a lot more than he does. Then he unpacks them, prices them and restocks shelves.  This year Kelvin graduated from college with an Associates’s Degree in Marketing and is now back in school for his Bachelor’s Degree.

Clubman 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner-3 oz Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Kelvin’s favorite product is Clubman 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner a combination facial and beard conditioner. It leaves your beard soft and frizz-free and soothes irritated skin. Kelvin says it really works. And he does have a great beard!

MWS Employee Favorite Products: “The Shoe Guy”

TAMAR Tamar is only in the store on Saturdays. He is a sneaker cleaning and restorer expert. He could take a pair of white sneakers that have been buried in quicksand and get them looking like new again. Stop by the store to ask him sneaker questions!

Tamar’s favorite product is also Reshoevn8r, like the guys in shipping. It is obviously a really great product because Tamar has tried every shoe product we sell.

MWS Employee Favorite Products: Makeup/Hair

If you’ve been in the store lately, you’ve probably noticed some construction work. We are very excited to be bringing our 9th floor down to the 8th floor for a new and improved MWS in 2020. But darn it’s a lot of work.

MORGAN – Morgan is a graduate of MUD and a self-proclaimed nerd who loves comics, cosplay and Harry Potter She is an extremely talented makeup artist, particularly with special effects. Take a look at the blog where Morgan transformed me into a White Walker.

Graftobian GlitterGlam Liquid Skin Sparkle Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyGiella Custom Blend Cosmetics Lipstick Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Morgan’s favorite product is Graftobian GlitterGlam Liquid Skin Sparkle for use on any skin area including eyelids and lips. It is super durable and can transform your holiday makeup or any special occasion.

Giella Custom lipstick Erica from Giella is in the store on Thursday and Fridays. She custom makes all Giella makeup and can perfectly replicate any product from another brand, or a color you love but want a different formulation for your skin. Giella makeup is wonderful.

BAMIKE Bamike is a very talented makeup artist who has worked in the industry for over 10 years. In fact, I think she knows absolutely everyone! Bamike does gorgeous beauty makeup and showcased some amazing fantasy makeup on herself the week before Halloween. She also did a makeup tutorial for the Disney character Jasmine which we featured in a blog.

Cozzette Matrix Mixing Liquid Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Bamike’s favorite product is Cozzette Matrix Mixing Liquid It transforms foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, and pigments into long-wearing waterproof makeup. Bamike says it also revives dried out makeup. Wow, I’ve got to get this!

MWS Employee Favorite Products: Cosplay

BECKA Becka is our Cosplay expert and helped us put together the amazing line of products we sell for constructing costumes. I am pretty sure there is no one more talented than Becka on the planet. When you are in the store you’ll be truly astounded by the costumes and props she has created. She is also one of the nicest people I know and she loves unicorns and animals more than anything!

Worbla Crystal Art Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe SupplyJacquard Dye-Na-Flow Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Becka’s favorite product is Worbla Crystal Art this product is magical. A moldable translucent plastic. Becka created a prop for a Miss Universe contestant using Crystal Art!

Becka also picked Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow (it’s an acrylic paint that simulates a dye. It is extremely versatile. In the store, you can see lots of Becka’s creations painted with Dye-Na-Flow

DHAREZA Dhare’ is Becka’s partner in Cosplay and in life. I am completely in awe of him. Dhare’ is brilliant! He not only consults on our Cosplay department but does our marketing and videos. Some of his creations are on display in the store and of course, you’ll see his talented work all over our new website.

Flexi Paint Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Dhare’s favorite product is Flexi Paint It is latex-free water-based paint designed for use on foam latex and fabric. It can be applied without primer.

MWS Employee Favorite Products: Bookkeeping

PATRICIA Our bookkeeper Patricia is quiet and conscientious and knows more about current politics than anyone I know. She also is a military veteran. We profiled Patricia’s life in the military along with her challenging job at MWS in a blog for Veteran’s Day.

Cozzette Lip Synergy Our MWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Patricia’s favorite product is Cozzette Lip Synergy The company claims the lipstick “aligns with the divine female energy in all its forms.” As if that’s not enough to make it a great gift, it lasts all day and Patricia says it feels great on her lips.

MWS Employee Favorite Products: The Understudy and Swing

KIMBERLY- Yes, that’s me and I prefer to be called Kim or Kimmie. I call myself the swing because I really am sort of the understudy for every role here at MWS when needed. I am an actor getting back into the industry at a ripe old age after taking 20 years off to do morning drive radio in the Hudson Valley. One of my favorite things is entertaining the staff with dramatic reenactments of anything that happens in my life including in the store.

Koh Gen Do OurMWS Employee Favorite Products by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

My favorite product is Koh Gen Do. The whole line, oh my gosh it is beyond fantastic! It is from Japan and the skincare line really works to make my skin look less tired dull and old. The foundation is the best I’ve ever used. It leaves my skin looking plump youthful and glowing. When I’m a successful actor, any day now, I will use vats of it!

The employees at MWS along with owners Tommy Boyer and Cheryl Kilbourne-Kimpton thank you for your business in 2019. We look forward to serving you with our new and improved store in 2020. We all wish you a very happy holiday and a healthy and happy new year!