New York Fashion Week 2020

Oh, how I love this time of year in New York City.  It’s New York Fashion Week 2020 and that means the city has an influx of models, designers, style influencers and fancy guests. The streets are filled with unusual characters in fascinating outfits and the city just feels super stylish.

New York Fashion Week 2020 by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Fashion Week runs through February 12th and if you are lucky enough to be working the shows, Manhattan Wardrobe Supply has everything you will need to do the best job!

New York Fashion Week 2020: Barbara Berman Stylist Kit

Start with the Barbara Berman Stylist Kit. The kit is designed by the legendary Barbara Berman who is an instructor at F.I.T. Berman coordinates and supplies dressers for the fashion shows during New York Fashion Week. She also dresses the entire Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade amongst other high profile jobs. So, Berman knows first-hand about everything you could possibly need to be a great stylist, wardrobe supervisor, assistant or intern. She has assembled all the basic must-haves in a convenient and inexpensive package.

Barbara Berman Styling Kit New York Fashion Week 2020 by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

New York Fashion Week 2020: What’s In The Kit

  • Black 3 Pocket Apron
  • Box of 1/2″ Topstick
  • Mini Lint Roller
  • White Gloves
  • Bite-Lite
  • Pre-Threaded Needles
  • Thread Clipper
  • Black Safety Pins

The kit includes essential items for backstage work. The apron can be tied around your waist and the pockets hold all the tools of your trade to keep them at the ready. Topstick is double-sided tape strips for skin and fabric. They can be used to keep outfits in place or quickly fix hems. Lint rollers keep everything looking clean and perfect. Use the white gloves to keep delicate fabrics and accessories free of dirt and fingerprints. A bite lite provides a hands-free mini flashlight for all your backstage work in the dark. The pre-threaded needles are a lifesaver for quick repairs and wardrobe malfunctions. The thread clippers are perfect for loose threads and quick sewing jobs and the black safety pins have countless uses.

New York Fashion Week 2020: The Intimates Kit

Thanks to requests from our customers and friends, this year we have added an Intimates Kit. The Intimates Kit addresses all those, well, intimate issues and wardrobe malfunctions that arise during fashion shows, costume fittings or other productions.

MWS Intimates Kit New York Fashion Week 2020 by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

New York Fashion Week 2020: What’s in The Kit

  • Commando Thong
  • Braza Nipple Covers
  • Booby Tape
  • Boob Glue
  • Fashion Fix

The kit is available in a light or dark shade. The Commando Thong is a necessity for modesty and the perfect no panty line look. The Nipple Covers are made of a knitted material that will stretch and conform for comfort and won’t show through clothing. They are also disposable.  The Booby Tape can be cut to the perfect size and provides instant lift and support, and it is waterproof. Boob Glue is a gravity-defying adhesive that goes on clear, dries fast and won’t stain. The Fashion Fix tape is a double-sided adhesive that will do everything from keeping an outfit or scarf in place and hiding bra straps to adhering body jewels. No kit should be without it.

New York Fashion Week 2020

Don’t forget that we also have a great inventory of hangers, garment bags, rolling racks, jewelry trays, sewing supplies, even makeup, and hair products. In fact, our store slogan is “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.”

We wish you a fun and very successful Fashion Week and we are standing by to help you make this busy week the best ever.