Pantone Classic Blue At MWS

Although our brick and mortar store is now CLOSED. Our e-commerce store is STILL SHIPPING. so if you are bored in quarantine we plan on posting fun crafts that you can do to fill your days and if you need supplies you can count on us! We are starting with DIY sneakers and products with Pantone Classic Blue at MWS.

The Pantone Color Institute was an influencer long before that term became hip. For more than 20 years Pantone has chosen a color of the year and that color has influenced design choices in countless industries worldwide. The Pantone color of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue. You can find the Pantone Classic Blue at MWS in many forms.

Pantone Classic Blue at MWS

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute says Classic Blue “is a timeless and enduring blue hue, elegant in its simplicity. Suggestive of the sky at dusk, Classic Blue is a restful color which brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit.”

But why was that particular color chosen to represent 2020 and lead the way for fashion and design? Eiseman says “this solid and reliable Classic Blue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era. Instilling calm, confidence, and connection.” Well, I think that’s exactly what we need in these challenging times so MWS has put together some great products in Pantone Classic Blue to bring you peace and tranquility and a little fun too.

Pantone Classic Blue At MWS: Shoe Paint

Pantone Classic Blue At MWS

Some of our best selling products at MWS are paints. We have many different types for all sorts of projects but shoe painting is an art form that never ceases to inspire us. Our very own cosplay expert and artist extraordinaire decided to paint a pair of sneakers using Tarrago. We asked Becka about the process.

Pantone Classic Blue at MWS

Pantone Classic Blue At MWS: Interview with Becka Noel

How did you decide on your design?

I don’t know a ton about sneaker culture so after consulting Google, I decided to do a design that is super popular amongst sneaker customizers. Cartoon style, which by the way is inspired by Bill Barminski, is a fun and bold look. I wanted something that would catch people’s attention in the store so they would ask about the shoe. This style was perfect!

What are the basic steps you used?

I used deglazer on this sneaker to take off previous paint because I actually painted over a custom I did on it. After deglazing, I went in with my base paint colors. I usually start with the lowest layer so I can work my way up. After the base was done, I took a fine round brush and “sketched” in the black and white outlines.

I didn’t tape these at all for two reasons:

1. Its cartoon style is meant to look “sketchy”

2. I hate using tape/stencils because the paint always makes a ridge at the tape line. My hand is pretty steady so not using tape had never been an issue for me. I also didn’t use a clear coat because

I’ll be removing this paint and doing a different design next month. But you should absolutely use a clear coat for a real custom as it will protect the paint and they will last longer. 

Which paints did you specifically use?

I used Tarrago sneaker paints for this custom. 

What did you think of the Tarrago paints?

I love these paints! They have a very velvety and smooth application. Tarrago is a lesser-known brand in the sneaker community but I think more artists should try it. They dry flat and have no texture at all. That’s what you want in a sneaker custom; a flat and smooth surface with no texture. Of all the paints I’ve used on leather, these are by far, the best. They’re luxurious. Like driving a Rolls Royce vs driving a Honda. Use Tarrago for your best projects.

Any problems or suggestions?

Always come up with a good concept before you begin and have plenty of references. Also, if you’re trying something new, practice a bit before heading straight to your shoe. But don’t be afraid to get in there, you’ll only get better and more confident by doing!

Pantone Classic Blue At MWS: Eyeliner

Now you can wear the very elegant Classic Blue hue on your eyes thanks to a custom Giella blend created by master makeup artist Erica Figueroa. This gorgeous blue eyeliner reminds me of Princess Diana and evokes spring.

Pantone Classic Blue At MWS

This PANTONE color of the year inspired Blue eyeliner is perfect for brightening up any day of the week! This creamy liner can be used in a traditional way along the lash line or along the waterline and can even be used as an eyeshadow by using a blending brush to smooth out across the eyelid, just up to the crease. We hope you enjoy this color as much as we do!
Erica can also custom blend eyeshadow in any color, but why not have one made in this gorgeous new blue.

We have lots of wonderful and useful products in the perfect shade of blue, not only to help calm you in these stressful times but also to help you get your job done efficiently or make yourself or your clients look gorgeous. Check out the wonderful eyeshadows, mascaras and even blue eyelashes in our hair and makeup department.

In our wardrobe department, we have blue rack dividers, tags and countless blue hues of thread. And don’t forget that our dye department is one of our specialties. We can show you how to Dye your clothes lovely shades of blue and then next year dye them again in Pantone’s 2021 color.

Meanwhile, we hope Pantone’s Classic Blue Color of the year will indeed bring you peace and tranquility. We need it.