Boredom Buster Crafts With Kids

Just like you, we are home with our families. Lots of you have children who are out of school and bored. MWS’s e-commerce store is still shipping, however, and we have some great products to share with you to create boredom buster crafts with kids. You’ll be helping your kids, your sanity and helping out a small business. It’s a win, win, win!

Boredom Buster Crafts With Kids

Boredom Buster Crafts With Kids: Face Painting

I used to perform at children’s parties as a variety of costumed characters. The kids’ favorite part of the party was always face painting. At MWS we have wonderful face paints that are safe and WASHABLE! All you need is a Ben Nye Palette (which comes with one paintbrush) and a cup of water. We also have several different packages of brushes or sell them singly. Ben Nye has a variety of Palettes to choose from but the Magicake Aqua Color is a great way to start. There are also Fantasy palettesFX palettes and many more. We have a couple of creme palettes left in primary colors if you’d rather try those instead of the water activated.

Ben Nye Makeup Boredom Buster Crafts With Kids

Imagine what fun you can have creating different designs on your children’s face and body. Have your kids practice on themselves or each other and do their own videos demonstrating their designs. The brushes can be washed with soap and water between designs or when you are done, which helps with extra handwashing too.

Character Kits Boredom Buster Crafts With Kids

If you want to take the face painting fun to the next level, Mehron has kits with instructions and online video links to create amazing designs. Mehron and Kryolan both have all-inclusive kits for wild characters. Have your kids plan and practice now for Halloween, hopefully, things will be back to normal by then.

Boredom Buster Crafts With Kids: Fun Gory Stuff

I know how kids love slime and anything that is gross. MWS has a full line of press on and wash off tattoos and even better, how about some 3D cuts and wounds for the older kids to play and experiment with. You can apply the FX Transfers with a little spirit gum.  My husband’s grandkids love anything gory and it is not messy like slime.

Tattoos and 3D FX Boredom Buster Crafts With Kids

Boredom Buster Crafts With Kids: Crafts

At MWS we have a full line of supplies for crafting with your kids. We have glue guns and glue sticks which are great for all sorts of projects. Try some craft foam for lots of fun crafts.

Arts and Crafts Boredom Buster Crafts With Kids

If your children are older and want to try a truly amazing art form then order some Worbla and a heat gun and let the magic begin. Our Cosplay expert Becka Noel has lots of videos with tutorials on our YouTube Channel. Now is a great time to learn a new art form and MWS has everything you need to create a masterpiece.

Worbla Boredom Buster Crafts With Kids

Keep in mind that we have lots of sewing supplies from thread and scissors to batting and fiberfill.

Sewing Supplies Boredom Buster Crafts With Kids

We know how hard this is. We love our customers and miss them. It is our intention to keep our e-commerce online store open for business and continue to ship by UPS. Hopefully, some of these craft ideas will be perfect for your family and bust that boredom.