Stylecaster Raves About MWS On Racked

StyleCaster fashion director Truc Nguyen has worked at Vogue Living, Glow Magazine and Teen Vogue. She’s a stylist by trade, and when she’s in the mood to get creative, she checks out Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies, a stylist’s dream in West Chelsea.

I’ve been ordering bits and pieces online from Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies for years, but I fell in love with the store the first time I actually visited its crowded but orderly midtown location. It is a well-known resource for film and theatre wardrobe professionals and stylists, but I think anyone who loves clothes and the Container Store would feel right at home here. You can find anything you might need here for your closet and beyond, from basics like fabric dye and lint rollers to more specialized styling tools like garment bags and price tagging guns. I always walk in planning to pick up one or two things for my styling prop kit, and leave with a bagful of “essentials”that I never knew were missing from my life.